Since 2009, CHEMED has provided first class, affordable healthcare to the Lakewood community. In celebration of the 10 year milestone, we would like to hear from you why you love and trust CHEMED’s fast growing network of care.

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Why does everyone love chemed?

Cheers to Fast track!
Courteous and quick service even though I'm not a regular patient.
- S Berkovic
Cheers to Behavioral health!
Professional office staff that carefully maintains patient privacy
- Simon
Cheers to Internal medicine!
They called me back a couple of days later to follow up on the care provided!
- Esther
Cheers to Pediatric care!
Always ready to help and please everyone. And they are so accommodating to there patients.
- Rochel
Cheers to Dentistry!
They have ipads in the watting room
- Mordechai Littman
Cheers to Dentistry!
Appointments in dental are always running on time.
- F. Ehrlich
Cheers to Pediatric care!
Clean fast service
- Schiffer
Cheers to Internal medicine!
It's a one stop medical shop.
- Moishe Bamberger
Cheers to Pharmacy!
I am really impressed how you keep on improving. I’m living here over four years and watching your service continuously approve.
- Sarah Frank
Cheers to Dentistry!
You guys are the best you service every one so nicely shout out to Dr. Dwarkin the most amazing man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- Robert
Cheers to Pediatric care!
I had a very hard time finding a good facility for pediatric and dentistry. I tried chemed for the first time 8 years ago...and I had finally found my place!! It's clean, spacious, staff is courteous, it's very well organized and so convenient because you have so many departments in one place. Since then, we've seen it open more and more departments and it's only making our lifes easier !! I love the fast track especially!! Wishing you all the best for all you do for us!!
- Ullmann
Cheers to Dentistry!
Great Service! Very Convenient!
- N. Goldbaum
Cheers to Pediatric care!
Great service with a smile!
- Yehuda Gras
Cheers to Dentistry!
Dr Dworkin! In and out for 15 minutes.
- Pessie
Cheers to Pediatric care!
Because you have the best ped doctor.
- Moshe Hirsch
Cheers to Fast track!
When I was kicked out off my insurance plan, not only did Chemed help me out with the payments, they even applied for and emergency insurance plan for me. Chemed is amazing!
- Esther
Cheers to Internal medicine!
Sensitive and personal
- Chana
Great hours!
- T. Wolfe
Cheers to Pediatric care!
Because it is convenient and is a one stop medical building,where I come and I can just get everything here. Staff is awesome in every single department
- Maria Barraza
Cheers to Dentistry!
Fastest cavity fillers
- Aaron
Cheers to Internal medicine!
Same day appointments!
- Aaron
Cheers to Internal medicine!
Allways availability
- Aaron
Cheers to Pediatric care!
Dr. Kaweblum! He is friendly, professional, caring, and always gives us the time to answer all our questions!! CHEMED is a great place!
- MF
Cheers to Pediatric care!
Great with insurance!
- Gary Frank
Cheers to Internal medicine!
When I had my allergic reaction they were there to help me and my family with all my medical arrangements.
- David Galimidi
If you find me a reason why not to, then I’ll tell you 10,000 reasons why you should!!!!
- S.N.
Cheers to Women’s health!
It’s all about Lori’s smile and good spirits!
- Hindy
Cheers to Internal medicine!
Easy and nice rooms.
- Yaakov Neustadt
Cheers to Fast track!
Fast Track is so quick!
- Shana O
Cheers to Behavioral health!
- Deidre Pietrowski
Cheers to Internal medicine!
They do there job well.
- Y.S.P
Cheers to Behavioral health!
I felt that last year when I was treated by the nurse practitioner, Dr. Albert Endler, I felt well taken care of my symptoms for what I had primarily came here for were being addressed without fail. I came back here today for the exact same reasons, and I pray I receive the same results. I’m almost 100% percent positive this will happen as soon as I get to see a doctor appointment.
- Deidre Pietrowski
Cheers to Pediatric care!
I am one of the first patients since Chemed opened up... I am impressed with their phenomenal Doctors, their amazing service!
- Sofia
Great access to healthcare for my whole family! Clean, relaxed, polite environment....everything I would hope for in a Doctor's or Dentist’s office. Thank you CHEMED!!
- Ahava
Cheers to Internal medicine!
Always there when you need them. (And when you don’t too)
- Avromie Reich
Cheers to Fast track!
Great and quick Fast Track!
- Fraida O
Cheers to Women’s health!
It has been a pleasure to deal with. 🍻🍹🥃🍴🍴🍸🥛🥌🥇🥇🥇🚓🚓🚓🚓🚓🚓🚓🚓⛵️⛵️⛵️🚀🚀🕋🕋🕋🕋📞📽📽📽📮📮📮📮🔗🔗🔗🔗🔗🔗🔗🧷
- Yoel
Cheers to Pediatric care!
Well first of all, Dr. Kaweblum and Dr. Hirsch are amazing ! So it’s no wonder I like Chemed.
- Monk
Cheers to Pediatric care!
It’s clean, neat and professional!
- Brocha Kravitz
Cause of the sliding scale,it’s so useful I can go to the dentist without fear thank you chemed
- Blum
Cheers to Specialty care!
Very efficient! Amazing Service! Amazing Doctors!
- S.L.
Cheers to Fast track!
Chemed is Amazing!! Fast track has helped me so many times in situations where I couldn’t wait for a regular doc visit. I came and walked right in with no appt. The ppl at Chemed are very professional. It’s also amazing how you have so many doctors under one roof! I don’t know what Lakewood would do without you! The sliding scale that you offer is amazing too! Especially in time of need. They really work with you financially. Thanks so much!!!
- R.L.
Cheers to Dentistry!
They give out coins to kids even if they don’t behave
- Dave
Cheers to Fast track!
The pharmacy has the best nosh 🍬🍭🍦🍰🍜🍿👍courteous pharmacy staff
- Eichler
Cheers to Dentistry!
Kind, caring and capable staff.
- Israel Tenenbaum
Cheers to Pediatric care!
The pediatric doctors really care about my child and called to check up on him
- GW
Cheers to Fast track!
So helpful!!!!
- Sarah
Cheers to Pediatric care!
It’s really cool
- H.I.
Cheers to Fast track!
Always quick, easy in and out, and great service! Thanks for all you do for the community!
- G.W.
Cheers to Pediatric care!
I like the staff and the professionalism
- Chaya Schechter
Cheers to Pediatric care!
Dr Hirsch No explanation needed
- Doc Schechter
Cheers to Pediatric care!
Chemed takes very good care of me
- Yitzy
Cheers to Pediatric care!
The cleanest ever every time we come we only wait a minute and we’re in the room the doctors are extremely friendly the stickers sure make it fun they ask my kids is this your mom to make sure every time I come there is staff at the register keep up the great work 🥳🤩🥰😍lol💕😘😍🥰
- Faigy
Cheers to Internal medicine!
Fast and quality care
- Y.K.
Cheers to Pharmacy!
It’s the best health center in the area
- Yitzchok Meir Horowitz
Cheers to Pediatric care!
Dr. Hirsch ❤️
- Necha Teitelbaum
Cheers to Pharmacy!
Always a smile at chemed pharmacy. Russels smile will make you feel good even before the medication does. Thanx for the great service.
- Shlomo Rudnicki
Cheers to Dentistry!
It’s quick and efficient, the people who work there are very nice and caring
- Tzivi Margolis
It’s fast and easy'
- Shlomo
Cheers to Pediatric care!
Great doctors who really care
- Green
Cheers to Pediatric care!
Loving and caring professional staff. So understanding and take care of all your needs with a big smile .always walk out feeling good . Thank you
- Brachie Birnbaum
Cheers to Pediatric care!
Professional & warm doctors'. Many departments with flexible hours and always someone to talk to when in need of advice. Special shout out to Dr Harvey Hirsch and the entire Pediatrics dept!
- Asher M
It’s the best place 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸💙💛
- Brody
Everyone is so friendly
- Deisy
Cheers to Internal medicine!
nice ppl
- E.L.
Chemed has the best administration staff around!!!
- A Rosenberg
Great service and friendly staff!!!
- S.N.
Fast track is great!
- Devorah
Quick, good and caring!
- Samuel Goldstein
Always helpful and happy to help!
- S.N.
The hours are amazing especially the fast track when urgent care is needed,chemed is there.
- Fishman
I crush Chemed because there the friendliest team in the world.
- Chavy Weissbaum
So efficient...professional...friendly...never knew a doctors visit can be fun!!!
- C.H.
Chemed takes convenience to the next level with its innovative multi-practice, all in one site. It makes diagnosis to cure as painless as possible.
- A.H
My Mom receives best care at Chemed Ctr@Lakewood She trusts and loves her Dr, Dr.Glantz and medical staff and I am very happy and thankfull that she is happy each time we visit or call the center. Dr.Glantz is the BEST!!!
- Meltem Karatas
No wait at dental.
- M.Z.
They help us get better quickly.
- Ari
We love fast track cuz we don’t need an appointment.
- Kayla
Clean facilities, punctual, some people at Chemed really care.
- Yochi
It’s the best
- Levy
Everything under one roof! They’re there when you need them.
- Chaya Deckelbaum
Super quick!
- Chava Deckelbaum
Cuz it’s the best
- Menachem Mendel Blum
The care and patience of everyone is amazing! Best Pharmacy!
- Fraidel Garnick
The convenience of seeing the same pediatrician every time but having someone else available as backup when he’s not.
- Mgold
For the knowledge that we can come for anything even if we are not covered by insurance and pay on a sliding fee scale. For the Fast Track flexibility. For the variety of quality providers under one roof. For reducing the stigma of mental health care just by offering it openly. Thank you and best of luck!
- Esther Zeffren
Pharmacy staff is great!
- Leon
Chemed has the best doctors in the pediatric department. Dr. Hirsch will even give you his personal cell phone number to reach him with questions or texts!!! He is calm and gives you all the time in the world!!!
- B.P.
Perfect lovely service and great staff
- Yehuda Josephson
The staff is so knowledgeable, caring, and professional, from the receptionists to the doctors. I can pick up a prescription minutes after an appointment without leaving the building. And you think of everything - even a phone charging station in the waiting room.
- Debra Weis
So quick easy
- Blobstein B
Very Convenient
- Malky Stern
The pharmacy sells sushi 🥢;)
- Shepsel Floyde
You can charge your phone while you wait🤳
- Chaim S. F.
Dentist, doctor, pharmacy all in one 🙏
- T Fleischmann
Very professional friendly staff
- Ginberger
We love Dr. Kaweblum! His devotion and care is above and beyond. We love the whole staff... with special mention for Kristine and Beth, they are always so nice professional and caring. Thank you chemed
- D Z
- Israel Miller
I saw first hand the genuine care each patient is given no matter where they live; Whether they are homeless or live in a mansion, the care and concern is equal! Keep up your great work!
- Hindy Saks
Dr Hirsh is amazing!!!! All the nurses are so friendly!!
- Chanie