Since 2009, CHEMED has provided first class, affordable healthcare to the Lakewood community. In celebration of the 10 year milestone, we would like to hear from you why you love and trust CHEMED’s fast growing network of care.

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Why does everyone love chemed?

Bed rabbi Schwartz is the best CIO
- Binyomin Rabinowitz
Chemed cares! I was so impressed & happy to find such caring doctors with a clean office & easy payment processing center. Keep up the great work!
- Brenner Family
Very fast and nice staff
- Simon Low
We love dr hirsch
- Rachel Low
I love the how clean it is and how it is run so professionally.
- Ahuva
Great doctors efficient staff comfortable waiting rooms
- Avraham Wolf
Fast track is super convenient!
- Rivka Bitton
Great location
- Leah
The doctors and the staff are SO CARING! Besides for being professional and knowledgeable! I have the best experience each time we visit! Thank you for all you do for my family!
- Shaina Nussbaum
Great doctors. Professional and well run!
- Mimi Kalish
Such incredible service where you receive support and care always!! Chemed is a real pleasure to deal with!!
- Batsheva Kass
fast and efficient service
- Dovid Goldberg
I 💝 chemed because the best pediatric place
- Naomi Yungries
We ❤️ Dr Hirsch!!!!!!!!
- Kaplinsky
Dr hirsch!!!!!!!!!
- Kosterlitz
Amazing hours, friendly receptionists, very organized, beautiful facility. My son loves to come: loves the toys and fish tank. Doctors are so helpful and give you the time for questions.
- Avigail
I use the pediatricians for my children, I love that everything is integrated. Its convenient, they have great hours and their very professional!
- Rochel Kaye
Great staff
- Soloff
Dr Beizem is amazing. Takes time with the patients doesn’t rush through appointment. Answer all my questions and concerns about the kids.
- Patti
Excellent hours!!
- Chaim
All my medical needs are meet all in one place and they care about there patients. Thank you cheers !!
- Tracey Thielman
So many reasons but russel in the pharmacy is the best
- Efraim Scott
Chemed is the greatest CONCEPT ever.
- Miri Ratner
Thank you chemed for helping me learn how to deal with my challenges with the greatest therapists in Lakewood.
- Kalman Green
Great Doctors
- Shalom N.
Easy access to doctors!!
- Ruchama
Easy and close access to medical attention.!!!
- David Pollack
Because chemed takes very good care of everyone 😍😂🥰🤮🤧😷🤒🤕
- Devorah Lichter
Chemed is truly a one stop center. Everything you need under one roof. May you be able continue your excellent work for years to come!
- Rivka Falik
Friendly customer service!
- Shana
Compehensive healthcare in a clean, state of the art facility! And courteous and helpful staff to boot!
- Soroh Mizrachi
Convenience is amazing and so is the care. Pharmacy on site is an added bonus.
- Chana
I like Dr. Kaweblum!
- Laya
Dr Hirsh is the best doctor in the tri state
- Yaakov Hoch
Everything can be taken care of under one roof. A doctor's visit, bloodwork, imaging, and the pharmacy without having to move my car!
- C.D.
Best Staff!
- C.S
When we come to CHEMED everyone goes out of their way to be helpful and friendly. The staff remembers who we are from appointment to appointment. It feels like our healthcare is seen to by a big extended family. CHEMED has a our back!
- Chaim Kahn
Never being rushed out
- Meir
Trying to get the kids happy
- Kahan
Service is good
- Yakov Sapirman
Dr. T. from the obgyn is an amazing and caring dr and had a great experience with the whole women’s health department!!
- A.K.
Walk-in appts & on site pharmacy make Chemed super convenient.
- Estie
We don’t feel like there in a rush when we’re being checked out
- Sari Adams
Convenient, eager to please
- Y. Kaplovitz
Thank you dr. Dorkin for your excellent painless dental work.
- Y.Z.
Great staff! Thank you Dr. Kaweblum and Dr. Hirsch! I love that you have an on-site pharmacy. Thank you!
- Miriam
Because Dr. Kaweblum is the BEST!! So patient, kind and knowledgeable. We feel truly privileged to be under his care!
- Dena Zar
Excellent dental department
- Toby
The pediatricians are tops!
- S. Isaacson
Because I can see ALL my medical doctors in one place AND have a pharmacy ALL in the same building.
- Jimmy Ortiz
They care about every aspect of your health and well-being, in the most courteous professional caring and friendly way.
- C.P.
The vaccination event with Rivky Robi was fantastic! I got great pics of my baby and a great education from Nurse Sue! It is obvious that Chemed really cares about the community!
- S.R.
Great internal med & fast track
- Yoox
Because they are always available when we need them.
- Eliezer Steger
Awesome pediatric department! Great, caring doctors, beautiful facilities!
- N Family
They have the best doctors and the best hours, with a pharmacy also.
- Tova Union
Because they have many MD’s
- Abraham
We love Chemed's beautiful building especially the fish tanks!
- S Family
Love the friendly and professional staff!
- Sheva
Great urgent care!
- MG
Great hours!
- S.E
Clean, professional, great hours, perfect location, nice staff, child-friendly nurses!
- Dini
Very professional and extremely neat clean premises
- Hadassah
Pleasure to deal with,fast appointments, super dentists 🦷I love chemed. 😍
- Svei Family
Clean professional nice
- Mindy
I love the cleanliness and the professionalism
- Rachel p
Great hours and pharmacy on site
- Michael krupnik
Cheery. Honest. Entirely understanding. Moves fast. Excellent. Da best service!
- Kaila
Clean and Professional service.
- Yehudis
Great Staff!
- yehudis
Great hours and quick service. Has everything you need. Their sliding scale is also well prices.
- Langsam
A complete roster of all departments and i have a very good support system
- Shoshana g littman
Very smooth service
- Chaim
Shout out to Mrs. Leah Hirsch
- Barry Heinemann
They are available when you need with fast great service.
- Tamarah Necha Zelasko
Chemed is good because they have late hours
- E feigelstock
Has everything
- Daniel Anobian
Thank you chemed! Everything is done so professionally, and great comprehensive care. And fast track is SO convenient!
- Lowenthal family
Your offices are cleans and well maintained.
- Esther tepper
Great medical service.
- Paula felipe
Flexible hours. Late night hours also on weekends
- Alondra
Great hours and great location
- Michele
I loooove going to the dentist
- Chaya Crystal
Prompt service and care
- Ben Stein
CHEMED is the most awesome place ever!!!!!
- Sara Malka Fischer
Even when I’m late to my appointments, I am always seen.
- Rosa
Flexibility and quality Pediatric care. I am very impressed by all the doctors in the Pediatric department. I also love that you can get appointments at all hours and that there is a fast track for those quick things.
- Liba Nussbaum
convenience and friendly staff!
- Devorah Nussbaum
Dr. Hirsch and Dr. Kaweblum are the best doctors that any parents could hope for. We trust them completely and feel privileged to partner with them to ensure the best care for our family. THANK YOU for your endless patience and availability.
- Nosson and Sarah Sternbach
Easy, effective, roomy.
- Yakov Langsam
Cause they r a real life saver by accepting emergency medicade
- Tzvi Rifkind
CHEMED is such an organized practice, the appointments are scheduled in a way that you aren't double booked or waiting too long in any department. If you go to the Dental Department, you know you are in and out in record timing!
- Atara
The doctors at CHEMED are excellent! I also found the referral department to be very knowledgeable. Additionally, the customer service is amazing!
- Yitzchok Birnhack
I LOVE CHEMED because we all work together as a team! in my department to make sure clients are at taken care of. Also the STAFF in all departments are GREAT:-)
- Liza V.
CHEMED created an environment that puts patients at ease. The clean facility, entertaining waiting experience and friendly staff bring healthcare to a new level.
- RR
cheers to chemed! i no longer live in lkwd, but loved using chemed for the wonderful pediatric doctors. it is also a nice and clean environment
- SJ
As an employee and a patient of many departments, I am always truly impressed by the level of care that our doctors, dentists and specialists provide. It is a blessing to be able to be part of such a great atmosphere!
- Jackie Doyle
Family atmosphere
- Lisa Rivera
CHEMED is the best
- LH
Convenience and professionalism!
- Faigy Friedman